About Us

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Improving our planet with Green Energy Solutions!


Delivering true solutions to real problems through green energy products and personalized service.

Ø  Dig until we find the root problems; to provide the optimum effects

Ø  Through Non-Toxic and Energy Efficient Products

Ø  Directly to the end-user with Professional and Caring Representatives.


Creating a global distribution platform that markets and delivers the products and services of its affiliates and distributes the world’s finest green and energy saving solutions through this network to the end user. 

Ø  A system where suppliers have the opportunity to bring their products and services to the table efficiently.

Ø  Providing Green and Energy Efficient Products by networking with manufacturers, suppliers, representatives and contractors.

Ø  Enhance the living experience of the end-user.

Vital Behaviors

We are:

1.      Contribution-motivated – We are inspired by the desire to contribute.

2.      Principle-based – We make choices by the compass of moral values.

3.      Relationship-driven – We are purposed to build and maintain vital relational connections.

4.      Solution-minded – We think through the filter of solutions to needs.

5.      Service-focused – Our goal is to satisfy representatives, supplier and customer needs.

6.      Competitively priced – We price our products with the customer’s budget in mind.

7.      Profit-making – We do business responsibly and profitably in order to:

a.      Take care of our team members and to

b.      Contribute back to our community.

  8.      Excellent execution – We give everything our best, providing the excellence that we would expect for ourselves and our families.